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1980 International Puppetry Festival, Washington, DC.

"Here Come the Puppets!"

PBS Documentary, 1981.



In the summer of 1980 puppeteers from all over the world came to Washington, DC to participate in an international festival of puppetry. The event was documented in a PBS special called "Here Come the Puppets" and which was hosted by Jim Henson-creator of the Muppets.

Though the documentary is old it still demonstrates an inspiring array of the best puppetry from all over the world.

An introduction to "Here Come the Puppets!" Hosted by Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog.  



Henk Boerwinkel from Holland.

Demonstrating a Hand-Rod Puppet.

Peter Waschinsky from Germany.  

Bruce Schwartz

Table-Top Rod Puppet.

Jim Henson talks briefly about the history of Puppetry. Demonstration of a Punch puppet.    

Japanese Puppetry.

Bunraku-style puppet.



Hungarian Puppetry.

Rod Puppets, Hand Puppets, life-size puppets.

Henk Boerwinkel Demonstrates a Marionette.    
The Muppets perform a classic skit with the song "Java".    
More Videos from "Here Come the Puppets!"